Academy consultants will be going into schools, colleges and support groups. We will be working on many different subjects.


T.I.E. - what we can offer to your classes

Theatre in Education is a powerful use of forum theatre. It empowers the audience through the medium of theatre.


Practitioners use fairy stories or legends to re-enact difficult topics. It can be any made up story, naturalistic themes or completely based on fantasy.

Many of the Drama games and exercises on offer in our workshops use Forum type techniques to empower those who partake . It has been a proven way to change and empower its audience.


Forum theatre is an imperative tool for many social aspects of a young person's life.


It gives adults and children a perspective on the things which go on in their lives and it can aid people to understand the world around them. We have produced, written and directed several plays where children and adults perform issues which are all on the national curriculum PHSE topic list. The plays have brought about a great deal of awareness and discussions in the group.


Our consultants recently wrote, directed and produced a play using social issues to raise awareness. A young girl who was part of our workshop wrote a monologue in character, as a woman who suffered domestic violence (extracts below).


His heart and mine should be together… but his and mine could be apart forever. When he changed I was so confused and I didn't know what to do. Questions have been surrounding my curious head every day for years, wondering what to do next and what will be the consequences. Where can I go, who can I tell?

- Marina aged 14.


Extract from a T.I.E. Workshop on Domestic Abuse and Teenage Pregnancy




For, my teenage daughter attending these workshops has improved her confidence levels in all aspects of her life, be it at school, with family and friends, or new experiences she is now encountering (mock interviews etc.). I believe Tara is more than just a Drama teacher, she has helped my daughter deal with difficult times in her life, and is a best friend she can turn to.


- Selina ( mother of a teenager who has attended several of our workshops)


I wasn't very confident, I was always shy and I didn't feel comfortable talking to anyone new. Now, I have been to over 20 workshops and I believe that I have changed completely. I feel as though I am a whole new person. I think that Tara is an excellent teacher and looks after and cares for each individual person who attends the Academy. She is bright, talented and funny and she makes drama one of the best places to be, ever so fun. It has helped me and has transformed me into something completely different. In our most recent workshop we looked at issues such as Domestic violence, divorce, bullying, teenage alcoholism and young mothers. I was able to discuss these issues in a safe way using forum theatre.


- Maddy age 15.


Last year my daughter attended 2 workshops at the academy and after few sessions we noticed that she was thriving there. The friendly, imaginative and artistic approach used by Tara helped her inner confidence shine outwards. She can't wait to go to her next drama workshop and when she comes back she is buzzing with energy, ideas and positivity. I think that Tara is really acting on her motto, "We believe in your child" and creates an environment where I, as a parent, love my child to be. 


- Vivien (mother of a 10 year old)


My daughter had a difficult year at her previous school and attending Tara's drama workshop gave back her confidence and enthusiasm. I cannot rate Tara's methods highly enough. She makes each child feel special and appreciated and my daughter certainly loves going. Although it may seem a small thing, the certificates and awards for achievement and effort have a huge impact and my daughter has felt valued and appreciated, raising her self-esteem and boosting her confidence.


- Helena (mother of primary school child)