Wind in the Willows excerpt: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qgpJQLky9ec
Children Perform Gangnam Style: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pAo11KUnu90

HEAD OF THE ACADEMY- Tara Zubairy Moore qualified in both primary and secondary English and Drama. She then went on to do post graduate studies in Drama in Education. She also has a Masters in Education and working with young people. She was Head of English and Drama in her last school, before having her second child. She has been running the most successful Drama group in the area since 1997, when she was a student herself, trained by the renowned Andy Kempe and Simon Floodgate.

All the staff that are employed in the Academy are of the highest calibre and hand picked. They are all qualified in their own subject and CRB checked.

WHY CHOOSE OUR ACADEMY? We offer a supportive and uniquely confidence building environment for every child. We will bring out the full potential in every student that learns with us and give them a foundation which will stay with them forever. Give them the best opportunities, give them our Academy!

We have had two students appear in CBBC for their new download programme. We have also had students appear in Harry Potter and St Trinians. One of our former students has just got a part in a West End play. Trinity Guildhall were so pleased with our Drama Exam results that they have used us in their training video which will be used in schools worldwide.

Little Bugs

This in a new class for children aged between 4 and 7.This is a small class where the ratio is 2 teachers to 6 children per class. We work on literacy and numeracy and lessons are planned to suit each individual child and their own style of learning. It concentrates on confidence, fun and independent learning techniques.


The consultants are now able to take workshops into schools, colleges, support agencies and groups of all ages. We have a team of staff who will meet the needs of each booking and we promise to make a difference. We tackle issues that may be causing emotional setbacks and we are also able to aid academic progress. We use Drama as a forum technique to empower individuals and we will also use Drama to tackle subjects such as Shakespeare, history and media.


There will be several Drama classes offering many different things. Some of the classes will be based on specific techniques such as Dramatic irony, voice gesture and positioning. Some of the classes will be looking at improvisation and having fun. There will also be exam classes for those wanting to study the Trinity way!


This is a fantastic way to learn Dancing of all kinds. We offer Dancing for beginners and for those who want to seek a more professional route. Our Dance teachers are trained in street dancing, ballroom, jazz and modern- take your pick!

Additional information, photo's and a short film can be seen at the following:
Feedback Email

Thank you for creating such a proud moment on Friday night for both Kevin and I and of course Jasmine, as we read her report! I read it several times as it was so lovely to hear the very positive impact she has whilst at drama club and the energy and enthusiasm she puts in.

We have made a big fuss of her and of course shown the report to the wider family, along with the much cherished star of the week trophy which Jasmine was thrilled to get last week!

We are all really looking forward to the pantomime.

Thanks again for creating such a positive, constructive and happy environment for them all at drama club, we all feel very lucky to have you!


Confidence classes and public speaking

The Academy aims to work with small groups on confidence and learning to articulate and vocalise with ease. There will be several classes to accommodate your child’s needs. It will prove the foundation for their future.


We have links with film and TV agents and those who wish to pursue this route, can do so. We are also in contact with BBC producers and casting directors.


Your child will be required to wear the uniform of the Academy, this will be a hoody and t-shirt (purchased through Tara) and comfortable clothing. Those doing dance classes may be asked to wear special footwear.


There is a £35 deposit which is fully refundable when giving a FULL half term notice. There will be reductions for siblings of 2 or more, who belong to the Academy in any class. All fees must be paid on the last day of term or the first week of term, failure to do this may mean you lose your place and deposit. All fees are per term and are between £6.50 and £8.50 per session (depending on which one you attend) multiplied by the length of a term (roughly 8 weeks). This can be paid half in advance and the balance at half term.

Every term there will be a bursaries offered to a student who has shown enthusiasm in their class and members of staff will be asked to forward a name of a student who has worked very hard in their class. A bursary will be a 25% discount off of the termly fee.